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Economic crisis and isolation

Economic crisis and isolation

The careful use of all kinds of energy has become critical due to the economic crisis and the depletion of non-renewable energy resources in our country and all around the world. Since most of the energy sources are obtained from fossil fuels, it is obvious that they are not sustainable and damage the environment.

In our country, especially in winter, since the most basic expense item in houses is “heating” costs, efficient use of resources both nationally and individually is important in terms of economy and sustainability.

While the work on the efficient use of energy resources continues rapidly, we recommend that you take care to make new applications in your new buildings or old buildings with heating problems, taking these criteria into account.

The materials we produce as Izobozz and Feltbi are qualified to meet your needs in terms of insulation quality and sustainability. You can use our Izoboz Polyester Fiber Felts with peace of mind in every area that requires thermal insulation.

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